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About Me

Richard Petit, an emerging designer in New York has once been overseen in Miami. The past couple of weeks were definitely a delight getting to see an amazing designer that I have been following and supporting for the past 5 years evolve into this butterfly. This spread was Richard Petit's rebirth. Richard also has been invited to participate in the 2016 Fashion For Peace show. This was Richard's first show since he has left Florida. He now resides in New York City. In this showcase there has been a shift in his designs. What we knew back then are definitely not what we see now. Richard has tremendously grown in this industry and he explains why: "Before the shift I needed a break I needed to find out who am I this time around. As a designer you need a break to reinvent yourself, it's always good to take the time and get to know yourself at different stages of your life. Everything was so different. I even made the decision to become obesity was a big problem for me it made me feel insecure, the outside was covering the inside. The only time that I could express myself was through my fashion so when I actually lost the weight, I took care of myself first. I actually went to the doctor, men are mostly affected by illness than woman. If it's something that you can't change just learn to love it. it might be that thing that makes you special. You can't let your insecurities get the best of you I was still making garments for clients however I became inspired by NY, the lights, the arts in SOHO taking in NY, The Fashion Capital, I was also inspired by the beautiful fabric that cannot be found in Miami. I'm very proud of this collection it was very interesting to see how I can design ready to wear as much as extravagant gowns."

Richard Petit never knew he would eat, live, and breathe fashion but indeed such is the story of his life. Born in Cap- Haitian, second largest city of Haiti, He only saw the sunrise of his childhood for he moved to the Land of Opportunity at only the tender age of 2. Art was indeed ingrained in him at the early stages of his life, he was amused by drawing landscapes, live portraits and Human forms, however Elementary school was where it all began. At the age of eleven, though very young, he discovered his love for fashion.

“I remember being in the 3rd grade drawing my first ever Sailor Moon character, which I used to watch every morning before heading to school”.

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