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Stevenson Valentin

Abstract Art




I am a Canadian artist of Haitian descent. Against all odds, I started painting
A few years ago, being a former soldier, it was a strange idea to go from soldier to artist. My beginning as a painter was essentially directed towards the abstract. The art of figurative portraits was a quick field of interest to me
The expression of the body and the face. For some time now, I have been trying to bring out this expression. You can say I'm an expressionist.
I strive to experiment with various aspect or technique to my art. I can't really tell if I have a real style because of my passion for discovery. My approach is changing and diversified without real philosophy. In 2016 I began studying fine arts at Concordia University. I had my first opening in 2017 at the Centre d'art de Repentigny which was a great success.
Now I am striving to introduce contemporary art into my community in an evolving art. Color however is
of great importance to me as it captures the eyes of people and removes any amorphous side in a work.
Now I devote myself to this quest more seriously.

latest work

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