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Lynn Salnave


Orlando, Florida, United States


Lynn Salnave is a US born, Haitian raised singer-songwriter, producer and painter based in Orlando, Florida. Her story begins in Boston, Massachusetts on August 31st 1998. Soon after, she is taken to Haiti where she grows up, the youngest of four children, in the comfort of a loving family. Despite her childhood shyness, she shows an early inclination towards showmanship and never misses the chance to participate in her school’s talent shows. On stage, she finds her comfort zone: the shy little girl disappears and a natural performer emerges.

In 2002, Lynn returns to the US to continue her education and pursue an accounting degree. But still wanting to perform and play music, she joins a girl group. After graduation, Lynn moves to Orlando Florida. There, she eventually joins and completes a recording arts and show production program at First Institute.

When not working her accounting day job, Lynn spends her free time writing, recording or painting. She’s also been perfecting her stage presence, having performed for the past two years at various local events. The love of her country and the tight-knit community she experienced growing up have been major artistic influences and she hopes to make music that inspires others and makes her countrymen proud.

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