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Rules and Procedures for the CREATIV·TRIBE Artist Contest

Sponsored by TONY VISIONS

1. Eligibility:

   a. The contest is open to artists aged 18 and above.

   b. Participants can be from any part of the world.

   c. Both amateur and professional artists are welcome to participate.


2. Submission Guidelines:

   a. Each participant may submit up to three original artworks.

   b. Artworks can be in any medium, including but not limited to fashion, painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, digital art, and mixed media.

   c. All entries must be submitted digitally in high-resolution format (300 DPI) 

via OUR REGISTRATION FORM by the submission deadline November 15th, 2023.


3. Theme:

   a. The theme of the contest for this issue of CREATIV·TRIBE will be "Unleash Your Creativity."


4. Judging Criteria:

 Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, technical skill, and how well they interpret the theme.


a. Creativity and Originality:

The uniqueness and originality of the creative work.

How well the contestant has pushed the boundaries of conventional thinking.


b. Emotional Impact:

The ability of the work to evoke emotions, provoke thought, or engage the audience. The depth of emotional connection created by the creative piece.


c. Impact and Relevance:

The work's potential to engage, inspire, or connect with the intended audience.

Relevance of the work to the context or purpose of the contest.


d. Attention to Detail:

The level of detail and precision in the creative work.

The care and thought put into the finer elements of the composition.


e. Overall Impression:

The judge's overall impression of the work, including its appeal, memorability, and lasting impact.



 A panel of expert judges, including Fashion Producers, Magazine editors and Visual artists, will evaluate the submissions.


5. Submission Deadline:

   a. The deadline for submissions is November 15th, 2023.


6. Winner Selection:

   a. One Grand Prize Winner will be selected from the submissions.

   b. The winner will be announced on December 9th, 2023 at the [TONY VISIONS EVENT] and posted  on the CREATIV·TRIBE website and social media channels.

7. Prize:

   a. The Grand Prize Winner will receive a full spread in the next issue of NeoBo|CREATIV MAGAZINE .

   b. The winning artwork will be prominently featured in the spring issue of the magazine with a full spread.

   c. The winner will be interviewed for a feature article in  NeoBo|CREATIV MAGAZINE .


8. Notification:

   a. The Grand Prize Winner will be notified via email and must respond within seven (7) days to claim the prize.

9. Publication Rights:

   a. By submitting their artwork, participants grant CREATIV MAGAZINE INC. the non-exclusive right to publish and reproduce their artwork in the magazine, both in print and digital formats.


10. Copyright:

   a. Artists retain the copyright to their submitted artworks.


11. Disqualification:

   a. Any submission that does not comply with the rules and guidelines will be disqualified.

   b. Plagiarism and copyright infringement will result in immediate disqualification.

12. Promotion:

   a. Participants are encouraged to promote their submissions on social media using the hashtag #CREATIVTRIBEArtistContest.


13. Contact:

   a. For inquiries and questions, contact


14. Changes and Updates:

   a. The contest organizer reserves the right to make changes to the rules and procedures if necessary and will communicate any updates to participants.


15. Good Luck:

   a. CREATIV·TRIBE and its partners wish all participants the best of luck and look forward to celebrating your creativity!

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